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Redefine your style. Maximize your performance.

Key Selling Points

  • 3 interchangeable pump looks that can be customized with L-Connect 3
  • Factory installed with daisy-chainable radiator LCP fans
  • Pump motor speed goes up to 4200RPM
  • Includes a newly designed pathway, copper plate and larger impeller for better waterflow for liquid coolant
  • 45-degree tubing connector with tubes' inner diameter increased to 7mm

Product Features

Galahad II Trinity Performance pump is larger than the regular one so that it accommodates upgraded components to efficiently cool the CPU.

The 32mm thick radiators feature a double-wave radiator fin design of 19 FPI which provides more surface area to dissipate heat with a high performance fan.

The double-stack radiator fins provide better heat dissipation due to the enlarged surface area. However, the increased density also requires a more performance-oriented fan. These high-performance LCP fans can be daisy-chained by a single short cable which can be hidden inside the frame of the fan. Just like the UNIFAN P28, this 120mm fan is 28mm in thickness and features a copper shield bearing for high RPM stability and quiet operations.

This innovative 45° tubing connector gives the tubes the freedom of 360° rotation, allowing the Galahad ll Trinity series to be installed in many different ways. To make things even better, it also comes with a leather strap to help with organizing the tubes.

The Galahad II Trinity series introduces redesigned mounting backplates to provide a hassle-free installation to users while maintaining compatibility with most mainstream CPU sockets. The backplates have a one-piece design with fixed struts to make installation easier. It also comes with a thermal paste control film and spreader to help ensure the right amount of thermal paste is applied for effective heat dissipation.

Control and preview with precision the lighting effect and real time motor speed of the Galahad II Trinity Pump and fans with the L-Connect 3.

The controller is built in the pump and the fan can be connected to the pump to control via L-Connect 3.

Lian Li Galahad II Trinity 360 Performance

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