Raijintek's Leto Pro is a heatpipe-based CPU cooler that, conceptually, takes inspiration from their line up of slim-style coolers. This provides the Leto Pro with the highest possible degree of motherboard compatibility and their respective RAM modules and slots. As such this cooler offers the mid-range performance class a superb degree of performance. This is achieved via the height of the cooler which, at 155 mm, offers an above average cooler surface area as well as four heatpipes instead of the standard three



SKU: 0R100072
    • Tower cooler with superb cooling performance
    • Four copper heatpipes with direct CPU contact
    • Aluminium fins mounted without soldering points
    • Low 155 mm height
    • Two high-performance fans for effective cooling with RGB lighting
    • Compatible with all current AMD- and Intel sockets
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