V150 Tempered Glass ARGB Breeze Micro Chassis

The V150 TG ARGB Breeze Micro Chassis is the airflow version of the V150 TG Micro Chassis which comes with one mesh panel at the front to intake more cold air to cool down components inside the case. Moreover, it is also preinstalled with three 120mm ARGB fans with two at the front and one in the rear, respectively and they can sync with motherboard software from ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI, and ASRock. Just like the V150 TG, the V150 TG ARGB Breeze is targeting users who just started pc building and are looking for a basic enclosure to start their journey. Hardware expansion and ventilation of the case are all taken into consideration during the innovation process. The V150 TG ARGB Breeze can accommodate two 140mm fans at the front and one 140mm fan on the top and a full-length PSU cover for overall exceptional performance which is ideal for both gamers and enthusiasts.

Thermaltake V150 Tempered Glass ARGB Breeze

SKU: CA-1R1-00S1WN-02
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