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Warranty and Returns

Contact Us First

If you’re unsure if the goods are faulty please contact us before bringing the goods back. Our team may be able to resolve your issue without actually needing to bring the goods back to us.



If you purchased individual components to build a computer yourself it is your responsibility to diagnose which component is faulty and return the faulty component. If you would like Fjariltech LTD  to test each component and determine why the computer you built is not working on your behalf that is separate to any potential warranty claim and is billable work. If you want a computer with a full system warranty we highly recommend having Fjariltech LTD test and build your computer for FREE.

  • If you’re confident the goods are faulty or you require our assistance diagnosing the issue in person please take the goods directly to our workshop. Remember you will need to bring proof of purchase with you and original box.

  • Fjariltech LTD  may need to consult or send your goods to the manufacturer or their local repair agent to confirm the fault. Once your product has been determined as faulty we will provide you with guidance on whether it will be repaired or replaced  based on the nature of the fault.

  • Where products returned to us as faulty which after testing are not faulty, Fjariltech LTD may at its discretion charge for our time and/or other costs incurred by us carrying out the testing of your products.

FJARILTECH Custom Built Computer Systems

Fjariltech LTD  is proud of the excellent reputation our custom built systems have and we stand behind our products 100%. We will endeavour to resolve faults with your Fjariltech Computer System promptly upon return to us. Most issues with our custom built computers can be resolved within a few days.

Damage and Modification of Goods

There is no warranty on components or computer systems that have been damaged, used for uses outside its intended purpose, beyond its recommended parameters or specifications or modified where that modification has the potential to affect the performance or reliability of the product or impedes on the integrity of the product or where warranty seals have been breached. Condition also apply for overclocking.

Proof of Purchase

To return a product you will require proof of purchase.

Faulty products where you are not the original purchaser

The warranty provided by Fjariltech LTD with our products is part of the contract of sale between Fjariltech LTD and original purchaser. If you have a faulty product which you purchased from a person or business other than Fjariltech  LTD  you do not have a warranty with Fjariltech LTD for those products, you must return your faulty product to the person or business you purchased it from. They in turn can return the product to Fjariltech LTD.


More information about warranty condition following link below-MUST READ

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